The Starlight Walk

This year on Friday the 17th of June I am participating in the Starlight Walk, this is a 13 (or 6.5) mile walk for women only that heads out at midnight with sponsorship being collected for St Rocco’s Hospice. 

“St Rocco’s Hospice provides high-quality care and promotes physical, social, psychological and spiritual wellbeing for patients with life-limiting illness, and, in doing so, places patients, carers and families at the heart of everything we do.”

If you live in Warrington you will know someone who has needed the help and support of St Rocco’s , even if you don’t know it. St Rocco’s are a charitable organisation, and though they get funding from the NHS it is only about a third of what they need to keep up their good work.

This is not my first time participating in the Starlight Walk, but it has been two years and the last time I did not fare as well as I would have liked, so this year I am in full practice mode. I have found a nice spot along the trans-pennine trail with a (sort of) bench for a pitstop that is about 7 miles from home, I have bought trainers to help my poor elderly feet with the walk, and The DOGta Donna comes along with me to keep me company (though she starts to flag a little on the return journey).

I can do this

All I need now is sponsorship, I won’t be posting every day, I won’t even be posting every week, but please sponsor me to help keep an amazing charity funded (OK I’ll not be keeping the entire place going all by myself, but every little helps)





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