Sew, What Shall We Do Today?

See what I did there? te he, I am soooo funny. Any way.

Last week I decided that The Hellions needed culotte suits in blue gingham (their summer uniform) for school. This lead to a couple of firsts.

It was teh first time I used my “sewing plate”, this plate is magical.

2016-05-16 11.26.08.jpg

You see I am clumsy and never seem to be able to hit the pin cushion when I am sewing, you know the times, you are sewing a long hem and have to stop to take the pin out and put it in the pincushion (I am not brave enough to put the pins in sideways and sew over them, though The Hellions do) , so I take the pin out and plonk it on the plate. “Don’t they bounce off and end up in your foot and the like?” I’m glad you asked, no they do not.

2016-05-16 11.26.42

This is the magic part of the plate, the pins stick juuuuust well enough not to fall off the plate, or pling off across the room thanks to the magnet stuck to the underside.

2016-05-16 11.26.48

This is actually the magnet from an old computer hard drive, it is a very strong magnet. If you stuck a pin directly to the magnet it would be tricky to get it unstuck, but because the plate is in the way it makes holds the pins but there is no trouble getting them unstuck. With long projects, like four pairs of culottes and four shirts, there is a chance that your pinks will become magnetised, but not for long.


The other first last week was the one step buttonhole stitch, I have always had quite low range sewing machines (that told me I was bad at sewing to make themselves feel more upmarket) and generally prefered to do the small number of buttonholes I have done by hand, but four shirts need twenty buttonholes. Once I worked out there was an arm to pull down that acts as a stopper when your buttonhole is long enough it was a breeze, nothing scary or complicated. And The Hellions look gooood.

2016-05-16 08.11.57

You can have one smiling nicely at a time.









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