What Would We Do Without Family ?

Laugh a lot less is the answer.

A couple of weeks ago Crochet Widower got to chauffeur The Oracle and I to Abakhan for fabric shopping. It is about an hours drive and The Oracle had an opticians appointment at two so we didn’t stop of tea 😦 . Now Abakhan in Mostyn was a smelting works up to the 1950’s and it has a huge clock on the stairs of teh fabric building that I assume was in the smelting works, this clock is the star of our story. We were looking through some fabric with The Oracle and Crochet Widower telling me I have awful taste in colours (not untrue, this is why I don’t shop alone) when the clock struck…

I would like at this point to paint a picture of The Oracle for you, to better appreciate this next part of the story. She has light brown, graying hair that she wears in two plaits wrapped around her head (like a crown), at 5ft 4in she is not tall but not that short ever (taller than I am), she dresses in a very Lagenlook way, you know, seven layers on linen in neutral shades with lacy bits here and there. In essence she looks like an earth mother. Got an image? Good.

… The Oracle lept about a foot in the air and shouted

“F*%K OFF”

as loud as you like, as I grab teh fabric rack, struggle to breath and see through the tears of laughter, she turned to the older lady behind her and says “what time is it? TEN PAST ELEVEN, when sort of clock chimes at ten past eleven?” I really can not contain myself and and I am no longer making an audible noise and feel I may pass out with lack of oxygen.



Not the actual clock. Thanks Julie.


With That tale told I will tell you my crochet news. I have completed another row of the blanket, will I finish it before Crochet Widower finishes sorting his “stuff” out?

This week I will be finishing the next Inchoate hoodie, I hope to have it published by the end of the week. I will continue with the parasol pattern. And I will be avoiding the sun as much as I can.






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