What am I watching?

As you probably know I watch a lot of TV while I work, I mean the entire time I am working I am watching. I really can’t concentrate on crochet if I can’t watch TV, I can’t concentrate on TV if I am not crocheting either so at least it’s fair. Now, I tend to only watch shows for the one character, Crochet Widower seems to find this quite amusing. I am also known for watching what would be considered as cheesy TV, not just watching, binge watching. With this in mind can you tell what I am watching from the perspective of my favorite character?

Newly qualified lawyer falls in love with his beautiful assistant, who falls in love with his business partner. Our young lawyer soon discovers that the business partner has been lying for teh whole time they have been friend about being blind, business partner is totally unreasonable expecting the young lawyer to forgive him and go back to normal.




Young girl raised to be an assassin discoveries that she has countless sisters all raised in different ways by different people. With such a solitary upbringing she is desperate to fit in but is not good with social queues so tends to overstep bounds but regularly saves the day by virtue of just being her. She is not in nearly enough of the early episodes.



Magician travels the land making deals to give people exactly what they ask for, all the time explaining that magic comes with a price, the people of the land get all upset and shocked when they get just what they asked for and have to pay a price. Our magicien falls in love with a bokish young girl who was traded to him in return for help defeating a massive army. The father of the bookish young is angry and demands her release when he discovers that she is in love with the magicien.



What do you watch while you work?



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