The List

I am not sure if I have told you about The List properly yet. I talk about The List a lot, mostly “it’s on The LIst” or I’ll put it on The List”, what you could be forgiven in thinking is that I mean I’ll think about it, or I’ll get around to it if I remember. The List is an actual list, in a spreadsheet (I have mentioned my slight OCD).

  • The List helps me remember ideas, even if I delete them when I have a clear out.
  • The List has sections for patterns I need to write, personal projects, new skills, and gifts for friends (Mostly Bev)
  • The List is also colour coded, to help me see what is what.
  • The List tells me how long a project will take, some roughly some repeate projects have exact times.
  • The List has yarn requirements in it.
  • The List has 40 projects on it at teh moment.
  • The List keeps me sane.


I have just completed one oh the big items on The List, a mermaid tail blanket for Bev (she has a lot on the list) I even made a sneaky extra to go with it.

2016-04-23 12.59.58.jpg

I will write a review of the pattern  for Wednesday, but this took a lot longer than it should have, I think it was the lack of a finished project. So that I don’t have the same problem with the upcoming parasol pattern I will be working on the Summer Inchoate hoodies as well as they only take a day to work up.

You probably have noticed this but I am really easily distracted, I have ideas and get all excited about them then move on to the next, sometimes before I have even started them, The List keeps all of my genius contained. So if I tell you “it is on The List” it WILL get done, one day, eventually, I may have to become a crocheting zombie to get through it all but I will get it done.




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