Barnaby Bear by Lesley Stanfield

Barnaby Bear by Lesley Stanfield


2016-04-19 18.21.09



RRP MIL gave me the supplement from Let’s Knit!


3mm hook

I love this pattern, this pattern is the basis for my Riot Bears and though there have been some changes over the years to get to Riot Bear for Barnaby I will always love this pattern. You see this was the first pattern I ever followed, the very first, I made a bear for The Clone when she was a baby, ^ that’s him up there though this is a new photo as he is loved. I got better at attaching the limbs by the way.


The pattern is easy to follow, though I did have difficulty seeing where it was going with the feet until it got there, I could have used more detailed instructions for eye placement but we all know that is my crochet kryptonite. I will always love this pattern.





4 thoughts on “Barnaby Bear by Lesley Stanfield

  1. For Barnaby Bear:
    Please help w/ more description for the main part of foot! And can you post a pic of what it looks like to work only on 6 sts for first side (w/ 7 straight rows) & again for RS?


    • Hi, this isn’t actually my patter, just a pattern I have reviewed. I don’t currently have photos of the foot but it should look like this

      xxxxxx—— xxxxxx
      xxxxxx—— xxxxxx
      xxxxxx—— xxxxxx

      The row count is not right because it is difficult when using Xs for stitches.

      Edit: the dashes are not stitches but things shift over if I leave spaces.


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