I shall now rant about stuff for a bit.

I like a lot of pages on FaceBook and Blogs dedicated to crafts, some because I would like to learn or improve skills others because I like pretty things, especially when they are made by a person, you know a real relatable person, someone who loves what they do, makes things for the love of it (but a spot of money would be nice), and who would probably grin at every like their creation got, you know people like me.

I also like comedy pages, the sort of pages that post funny memes and stories that never happened but would be ace if they did. Now, this is where things get annoying. These pages have decided that they will post links to such creative gems as “DIY crochet flower tutorial” or “DIY hair bow tutorial”, can you see my problem (no, not “you are a massive pedant Itchy”) DIY tutorial, I mean really you don’t need both, you don’t find a tutorial aimed at taking it to another person so THEY can do it for you do you? no, no you don’t. I don’t have a problem with “DIY upcycled T-shirt” or “No sew cushion cover tutorial” but DIY and Tutorial is like “little small” or “Huge big” there is just no need.

Yes, yes, I know “calm down Itchy” it’s not like it “she cuts the waistband off a pair of underpants, the result… stunning” clickbait and nobody’s getting hurt, but it makes me not want to click it. OK it’s the end of the school holidays and what with one thing and another I have mostly been beset with little girls, mostly not even mine, on my own, and I haven’t finished a project for two weeks (I will not be beaten), and that makes me cranky but please, there is no need for both DIY and TUTORIAL.






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