Say Hello To My Little Friend.

OK, don’t because my little friend is actually nits. The joys of having kids.

So, it’s the school holidays but we had very little planned, Dolly’s on Wednesday (alllll day) and Geek Girls ultra geeky birthday on Thursday, until Tuesday that is. I was getting The Hellions ready to go visiting with Crochet Widower so I could have a moment of quiet and while I was plating The Clone’s hair I saw it a head louse, then another. yey, this is my first de-niting with dreadlocks, and The Hellions first de-nitting ever. Off I pop to Sainsbury’s for… something… I had no idea what to buy, or even how much it cost (£13 per HEAD), I found a “just once”, non greasy number and off we went.

Then came the cleaning, and blanket washing, not just bedding but every blanket we own. You see The Hellions like to build “movie night”s, this is a fort or den to normal folk, or just pile them on the couch in the dining room and roll on them. I actually did ten loads of washing over two days, I know this because I have just started using soap nuts and am counting loads to see how many a kilogram bag gets done. I spent seven hours vacuuming floors and furniture on Wednesday while The Hellions were out at Dolly’s, I used the crevice tool, moved all of the furniture, poked under the built in furniture, did the buttons on the chesterfield and under the cushions of all three couches.

Speaking of cushions, I forgot to change the setting on the washing machine when I put my beautiful alpaca throw and Dr Who cushion covers in and boiled them, queue panicked washing machine watching. They came out of teh washing machine (felted but) fine so in for a penny in for a pound and I put them in to the dryer. As I was taking them out of the dryer I spotted a dark mark on the first cushion cover, and another, and another, “OMWW why are they filthy” what was going on, rub rub, rub, oh, it’s fluff off the throw “phew”, then it was an hour of fluff removal with sticky tape but all was well.

2016-04-10 11.02.40

Thursday was Geek Girls birthday and decisions needed to be made; Spiderman dress or pink fru fru dress? Cheese touch game or Lego? Sweet or Salty popcorn?  We went to the Cinema and watched Zootrapolise, I liked it there were just enough sly “adult” jokes to make it fun, both Geek Girl and The Clone held my hand through most of the film, which is rather odd as they can both watch superhero movies and Dr Who without getting disturbed by the “mild peril” but put an animated bunny in trouble and they act their age. Then we went to Toys R Us and bought Spiderman Lego. Just before our pizza arrived a delivery man brought a huge box addressed to Geek Girl and a Spiderman balloon floated out. She had such a good day.


Friday was spent building Lego, well that’s what The Hellions and Crochet Widower did I started organising the Lego then got myself stressed because it was basically a never ending task and we have so much much of the stuff I was getting nowhere.

2016-04-10 11.00.27

So let’s skip to Saturday to save me having flashbacks. I was all set I had an evening out planned, Dolly was babysitting and I was going out for a memorial/charity rock night for a friend and husband of one of The Witches who lost his life to leukemia recently. Coling was a lovely man, he let me stroke his beard while drunk (it was a magnificent beard), and looked marvelous in a cardigan. He will be greatly missed, but we also need to remember all of the good times so a rock night was in order and add to that the prospect of giving back to the Candice Colley Foundation who do a great job of filling the gaps the larger charities can’t in helping those who are ill and their families.

Then I started to feel ill “I’ll be OK once I get 5 min quiet, then I’ll get ready to go” I thinks to myself, well, by the time The Hellions were packed off to Dolly’s all of the pain I had had going on all day shifted to my head and I wound in bed at 8pm, I was out like a light and didn’t wake until 8am. This did lead to a question though; How did I decide when it was time to get up at the weekends before I had kids? I mean I had nothing to do until 12 which meant I didn’t have to get out of bed before 11 really, how did I decide not to sit in bed reading all day (and I did manage to get up regularly at the weekend)?





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