It is the end of the tax year, this makes me obsessed with figures, ALL figures, I can’t help myself. I do love numbers and spreadsheets and ratios. In the last few weeks I have seen my blog stats turn on their head, you see usually most of my traffic comes from the US, not a problem, not even a thing, but this sudden shift had me thinking “where do my sales come from?” shock most of my sales come from the US. This is where it becomes an issue, I am currently waiting for hooks and needles to arrive so I can assemble Inchoate kits, I am getting rather giddy about it too.

WM Inchoeat


You see it’s a kit, in a box, with yarn, darning needles, hooks, the whole shooting match, but postage to the US could be $19 (£13), I won’t know actual amounts until I have a full kit to weigh. Now, if most of my customer base is in the US who will I sell my kits to?


As you can see (well not the actual numbers, you don’t need to see them), just with the Ravelry data, the ration between US and UK sales is quite impressive, 4:1 . “EEEEK” thinks I “I’ll never sell any kits if I can’t get the postage down”.

This is when I found a rough estimate of population between the US and the UK,

US 319 million (ish)

UK 64.5 million (roughly)

So the population ratio is 5:1

For the non maths (yes maths I am British after all) speakers out there; I sell patterns to more of the UK population than the US, but, because there are more people in the US there are more of them to buy my patterns, just.

Now that that is over I can concentrate on important things like, how do I categorize each hoodie on Etsy? Will all three of each season hoodie kits fit in one box? and why does my booze have a number on it?

2016-03-30 20.17.23
You can’t see it very well but it says #24, I also had a bottle of #17 the next night. Do all teh flavours have numbers? Am I going to have to hunt down one of each? just to keep my OCDemons in order?

I just don’t know.


Update: why am I so tick? I have hooks and needles of my very own I can put a whole kit together and weigh it for postage. *facepalm*


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