Long Weekend

I actually finished the hand spun project last week but as it was a gift I had to wait to tell you about it. It has been sat in my bedroom blocking for most of the week. It is also smaller than I had hoped, it is really difficult gauging how much rayn you will get out of your fluff when you have inconsistent thickness.

2016-03-16 12.23.41
But The Orical likes it, well she’ll never say she doesn’t anyway, I am nearly 40 but a handmade gift from your baby is a handmade gift from your baby.


While that was blocking most of my week was taken up by Inchoates (is that a word???) on Friday I published Inchoate Lamb (and not a moment too soon) while Crochet Widower took The Hellions out visiting.

Lamb 1

While I was finishing up Wolfie (from next door) came charging through the house as usual, we don’t live in a house we live in an alley between the front of the houses and the back, stopped in her tracks and proclaimed that she wanted a woolfie (local rugby team mascot) Inchoate. Well I was double checking yarn requirements for completed Inchoate to see if I can get two out of a ball of my prefered yarn ready for making kits so had to make one any way.

2016-03-26 12.37.52

She was made up with him and had him sat cuddling her favorite bear, The hellions had their bunny hoodies strewn around the floor, pah kids.

On Saturday it was The Orical’s birthday (a round number) and she wanted us (or most of us) around to help beat her garden in to submission.


Don’t panki Geek Girl was not tending the fire on her own (despite her protests that she’s be careful), we did a grand job, got fed well for our efforts, and had a lovely morning, then Baby Bro arrived (at least he missed the food as well as the work)

2016-03-27 13.29.54

Cuddles with Geek Girl

There was time for a quick group shot before heading home.



As soon as I sat down there was a huge peel of thunder and the heavens opened, perfect timing.






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