A Series of Unfortunate Events

This week started off with finishing the hand spun project that I can not show you ’till next week, but I can show you that Crochet Widowers car has a “crochet” function I had not noticed before.

2016-03-16 17.00.06









On Wednesday I had to pop out to get yarn so I could start Inchoate’s next hoodie.

Bunny 1.jpg








Go on, how cute is Bunny Inchoate. So cute that The Hellions demanded one each, then Geek Girl put her’s on a 6 inch Build-a-Bear.
2016-03-20 09.27.09

Friday it all went wrong. The Masked Avenger, Dogta Donna’s best friend got run over. As Donna and I were walking to the park The Masked Avenger saw us and ran to greet us FROM THE OTHER END OF THE FIELD, as I pressed the button on the crossing I saw The Masked Avenger run up the ramp at the entrance and started shouting “nononononono”

The Masked Avenger then ran across the very busy road, just I was about to sigh with relief she turned around and ran back getting hit on the way, just as teh lights changed she got up and ran off… in the wrong direction.

Dogta Donna and I ran after her so she didn’t get lost while injured and followed her around the outside of the park and in through the other entrance. By the time we get into the part her owner had her and had had a quick look for injury. Though she only looked scraped she was then carted off to the vets.

In teh meantime Donna was sniffing around and decided not to move but I wanted to see it the driver was OK so I strolled over expecting Donna to follow me, what she actually did was lose sight of me so decide to go home ACROSS THE ROAD. I saw her streak past and by the time I got to the park entrance she was about to cross teh second road on the way home, she saw me and started to run back “WAIT” shouts I in all my booming glory and her rear dropped like a lead balloon, so at least she listens half the time.

I then had to go home and have a cup of tea and a cuddle and wait to hear about  The Masked Avenger, OK I may have phoned my mum because I was so shaken, At school pick up I saw The Masked Avenger’s owner who told me that she was under sedation (standard stuff really) and that she was to be picked up later that day.

Saturday was pattern launch day for Inchoate Bunny and I was still shaken, but was not expecting communication either was just yet, if it was good news they were going to be having extra cuddles and being relieved, if it was bad it would be good byes and sadness. So I visited a friend and “helped” with some housework (mostly I talked rubbish).

Then on Sunday while The Hellions were having sewing lessons at Dolly’s Crochet Widower and I did a spot of shopping (no yarn 🙂 ),  while crossing the carpark I heare my name, there is The Masked Avenger and her owner (sporting a big beautiful grin) on the way to a check up at the vets, she is scraped, has antibiotics and painkillers, and is too stupid to have learned her lesson, but she’ll be fine.

Us owners on the other hand are still a little shaken so will be taking the dogs to a local wildlife area for walks in future, or the bigger park with no roads, because, you know, you never know what will happen.

2016-03-13 18.54.08


For now both dogs are safe and loved. I will be publishing another Inchoate pattern this week along with a review and a new stitch.




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