FIFTY FIFTY FINE 3PLY by Yeomans Yarns






RRP £9.95

Available at Yeomans yarns 

3 ply

3mm hook

warm wash

Wool cycle

cool tumble or dry flat

50% wool 50% Acrylic

2500m 350g


I got 20 wpi


A while ago I ordered a Yeomans assorted pack  and this (amongst other things) was in there, and oooh what a lovely surprise. I decided that my Brodie  shawl needed making in purple and since Brodie was written for DK I knew it would take a while, lucky for my poor little hands 50/50 is so soft and silky it is a joy to work with. What I didn’t know when I started the shawl was that 50/50 is variegated, I know you can imagine the happy little (OK not so little) squeele I let out when the new shade came through.

On the downside (and it’s smaller than my squeele) although this is a Z twist yarn it is very lightly spun so can be a little thready in the bobble stitches, but, you know, in the grand scale of things that is not much really is it.




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