In A Spin

OK, I am having a go at writing the weeks update in those little blank spots in my day, you know when you don’t have anything to do NOW but it’s not long enough to really DO anything.

Shetland Humbug Spinning

This is Monday and After housework (clearing out the rubbish from The Hellions’ room) I sat down to spin 200g of Shetland Humbug (you’ll have to scroll down) this is also the site I but Koolaid from. I thought it might be a good idea to use a distaff as 200g of tops is quite a lot
2016-03-07 12.09.54

My big stick did not work as well as expected buuuut I think that could be because I would it wrong so I’ll try again another time, you live, you learn. Another thing I learned is that anything over 100g is really tricky to spin on a drop spindle

2016-03-07 15.44.33

so the lesson there is, stick spindles are for 50g and lower, drop spindles for 100g, and Crochet Widower had better get a move on making my bicycle wheel spinning wheel. After a short break to retrieve The Hellions from school I was done, all of teh lovely wool was on the niddy noddy drying

2016-03-07 16.41.43-2

I thought I’d get on with one of my PHDs (Projects Half Done) but I seem to have lost my orange ergonomic 3mm hook, OK I can carry on with and aluminium hook, and the aluminium hook is the same colour as the yarn, but, well, I lost a hook 😦 .

I found the hook. In a coat I have been crocheting for about a year, not sure it’ll ever her done.


Sooooo, popping by everyday to post about my antics hasn’t quite worked, I have been trying to get the bedroom decorated but with Crochet Widower’s … ahem… stuff being a mystery to me resulting in my not being able to clear out his side of the room things are taking longer than anticipated. While I have been stalled I have been working on a PHD (project half done) that has been hanging around for way too long and I feel it is time it made it’s way to it’s recipient. I am getting about six rows done in a day and as on today (Thursday) I am hoping to be on the trim by Sunday but will be mostly painting tomorrow so….

I have decided that I am going to follow a stitch directory (which one is not clear right now, the choice is a touch overwhelming) I will create a swatch a week and maybe give it a post and section of it’s own.
NOW I get it.

Some time ago, 8 ish years, I got fed up asking Crochet Widower to put some shelves up in the kitchen so decided to do it myself. I used a spirit level, drew straight lines, checked heights with the bottles I wanted to keep on the lower shelf, charged the drill, and off I went…

…POP, fizzle, out went the lights…

… I had drilled straight through the center of a power cable, not only dead center on (the emergency electrician was impressed) cable, but through the metal cage/strip thing (the electrician was kind of frightened). The upside of this was Crochet Widower put my shelves up.

The downside is that I think it really shook my confidence with DIY, well, coupled with my new parent fear “What if something happens to me when I am alone with the baby?????!!!!!”. That really is still my greatest fear and both of The Hellions are capable of phoning for help these days. I have been relying on Crochet Widower to do ALL of the DIY for the last 8 years. Now, I love the poor unfortunate soul but motivated he is not, flighty, inconsistent, geeky, easily distracted, funny, and a procrastinator, yes, but not not motivated. Before I had The Clone I did all of my own decorating and such, and I was GOOOOOOD, so why can’t I do it now??? I can, I jolly well can. I am now motivated to quit waiting for Crochet Widower and get shiz done on my own.

Saying that I am at a standstill again with the bedroom waiting for Crochet Widower’s next day off (Monday) so he can take rubbish to the tip and decide what he plans to do for storage of the dismembered computers.

In summary 

The wool is dry, I will be caking it and working with it next week. The decorating is on hold, but now I have my mojo back there’ll be no stopping me (when I don’t have Crochet Widower’s belonging to contend with). My legs ache but it was worth it. The PHD will be done by Monday evening. The Stitch directory adventure has started. And the yarn/pattern reviews have returned.

Hold on to your (beautiful crocheted) hats.





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