The Trouble With Crochet

I very rarely badmouth my love but there are some things that need to be said.


I am currently making a blanket, this blanket is mostly solid granny squares. I do find it rather relaxing to let my mind wander when the project is an old friend. The problem I am having is a timing issue. Each granny square takes an hour for me to make, and I like to interspace crochet work with housework so after a square is a good spot to get some dishes washed or fold the laundry. I also like to watch Netflix while I work, and this is where we run into problems, most of the shows I like to watch are American (and??) they tend to be around 45 min long. You see the problem? I have to chose, watch the beginning of the next episode? Sit in silence? Stop crocheting? This is not good.

It is it’s own gateway drug, I mean really, I started crocheting because my mum was and I don’t like to sit still. I started with a granny shawl (I’ll tell you the story of my first granny square one day), now look at me, amis, clothes, fancy motifs, lightshades, coasters,  bowl cozies, I can’t stop, I am addicted. I even feel agitated when expected to sit still without my crochet.

Too many choices. Yes that is a bad thing, yarn weight, fiber content, block colour or self striping, sparkles, eyelash, chain, aluminium hooks, wood, steels, ergonomic, stitch patterns, clothes, blankets, decoration, form over function, which pattern to use, which pattern to write. It goes on and on and I want to do it all NOW.

It is difficult to do with other activities I enjoy (OMWW not THAT), long muddy walks with the dog, long bubble baths, eating, reading, writing blogs. And some activities I would rather not do but have to really, tidying the kids room, washing dishes, cooking, you know ADULTING.

But with all that said I still love crochet and always will.

I am currently in a communications overhaul so will be trying to blog about the past week’s work on a Monday, review more yarns and patterns and real crochet information, and get patterns written with more frequency (rather than googling any odd thing that comes into my head).



6 thoughts on “The Trouble With Crochet

  1. I ran into that last night. I don’t Netflix but I do DVR most of my shows. I finished one and was at a point of finishing a section of a doll dress. Do I continue and finish it off or head to bed. I continued only to discover the dress was too short and I’d still need another row. Bed called after that.


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