Another Apology

This time to my mum. Today is Mother’s day in the UK and I have not finished my mum’s present, this is because I thought we were all going to help with her garden today and presents were in two weeks for her birthday, so for Mother’s day she can have a blog post where I shout to the world how amazing she is (but there is a twist).

I am the second oldest of five, I don’t post about the three brothers a lot because they don’t craft mostly, so how my mum did is a mystery. But mostly what I remember about childhood is;

Carpet picnics

Pied Wagtails


Poorly Blankets (granny square)

Chucky eggs

101 Dalmatians

Star Trek


Parrot earrings

Belly dancer


LOTS of knitting

Hand sewn “occasion” dresses

“get out of that fridge”

The Worst Witch

Now, there is a joke that Bev could hear my mum shouting at us from across the road but my mum was (and still is) perfect so it’s only a joke.I know there was shouting, and there must have been the odd bum smack, I got lost in public A LOT, I know Three of us were in trouble quite a bit (I’ll not name names), but you know what? I have to really try to remember those things. I have to engage my sensible brain (I do so have one) and really try to find anything negative, and even then it is mostly comedy material (like getting my head stuck in some railings).

Now for the twist, yes on an adult level I know my mum made parenting mistakes, and found it hard to cope more than once, but I don’t remember that, the only reason I know it is because I have those moments too and my mum told me that “all parents want to throw their kid out of the window now and again, the good ones don’t”, so there is your twist, this is not a sappy post that will make anyone feel inadequate as a parent. This is a post to tell EVERYONE that as long as you don’t throw your kids out of the window, no matter how often you want to or how often you eat chocolate behind the kitchen door or give the kids teh finger behind their back or thing “I don’t care” while they tell you about some perceived slight, when they are no longer your problem responsability all they will remember is how perfect you are.

Now I have made myself cry I am off to eat the fudge out of my box of Heroes before The Hellions get at it.




3 thoughts on “Another Apology

  1. It was great she kept a positive attitude about the bad stuff and helped you to focus on the good stuff. I had no idea when the UK’s Mother’s day was and that is one of the wonderful things about Blogging. I’m always finding out something new.

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  2. Awww. This post is perfect. Not too mushy, just right! 🙂 Hope your day was lovely too. I always forget because our Mother’s Day is in May.


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