A heartfelt Apology

I am so sorry, so very sorry, I made a mistake, and in the world of me it was a big one. I breached copyright. I know right, me, it’s one the biggest no nos in my professional life (yes it spills out to personal from time to time.) In my defence I had a total blind spot for the items in question.

Last week I decided to overhaul my communication methods, you know social networking and the like, some places are just too small and general to reach the people who want me to reach them. I decided that one of the changes needed to be focusing on craft/art sites where I can see more “look what I made”s from indie creatives as well as show off my work. First stop was CROCHETVILLE.

In the process of making myself known as a designer on Crochetville their admin had a look at this very blog and noticed my (wait for it) Batman baby, Robin baby, Sonic Screwdriver, and TARDIS patterns, I was sent an email saying that if I was to wave my hands and shout about being a designer (OK it said “mention”) then I would need to let them know that I had license to use the images and names. This is where I need to apologise, I don’t have license. OK, I thought the Doctor Who charts, being free and all,  would be covered by the umbrella “fan art” but actually, because they are basically advertising to bring people to the blog with the paid patterns and all they are not simply fan art. The Batman and Robin baby photo prop patterns, I have no excuse for, I mean really???? how did it not even enter my head that they were copyright/trademark violations??? (yes yes, multiple punctuation is the sign of an unstable mind).

“So, what did you do?” I hear you cry. I did the only sensible thing given the circumstances;
I took the polite email as an affront to my morals and intelligence, sent a badly written reply calling the sexual promiscuity, weight, and aesthetics of the sender into question and accusing them of being a big moneymaking business bullying small businesses for their own profit and sadistic pleasures. I then proceeded to take to Facebook and shout it from the rooftops that Crochetville are a bunch of snobs and my face just didn’t fit so they are pushing me out before I start and that they are jealous of my overwhelming talent, deleting any comments that don’t agree with me and blocking the commenters. To garner attention and pity I even used the phrase “I don’t know why I am even bothering”.

OK, that is all a bunch of S&%T as you know, what I actually did was remove the offending patterns, apologise to Crochetville, had a small moment of self doubt which I silenced with microwave mug cakes and icecream, answered the questions that will be used in a copyrite blog on WHY people do it (OK I did not answer them eloquently), and decided to write this blog post by way of penance and for entertainment purposes.

And there you have it, sorry, I’ll try not to do it again but if I do tell me.




8 thoughts on “A heartfelt Apology

  1. I love this post. Good on you for admitting you were wrong. When I got to the part of “what you said”, I thought, Oh my gosh! I can’t go on.. That’s SO NOT crochetville… Then I read on.. You’re a jokester 😉 I like you lol. I would have never thought about copyright infringement when I first started. Honestly, I think Crochetville is where I learned about it at. It seems to be something you have to know a lot about. I don’t have a creative design bone (able to write patterns, etc) in my body, but by golly I love creating the items I find!

    Great blog, I’ll be back!


    • Glad you’ll be back. Yes I am a jokester, I tend not to take much seriously. You live and learn, and I did with the Doctor Who charts, but really should have known better with the Batman and Robin. The only people worth knowing will admit when they are wrong (even if it rarely happens 😉 )

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  2. LOL! You are too good! I do applaud and respect Crochetville for being one of the few sites that actually take copyright and license/trademark seriously. I did used to offer patterns for licensed characters but decided not to out of respect for their owners. I now just keep a portfolio of pics of the fan art items I’ve made but don’t offer them as patterns or for sale, just to give an idea of the things I can do. And I’m not even sure THAT is okay but I try not to use them as a way to get traffic to my site.

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  3. I didn’t think of the props as infringing copyright either, to be fair, and it’s my job to do that!
    I’ll just change the names of them and say they were inspired by… Or something.
    Now if Santa would just get off my back I’d be sorted! 🙂

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