The Walk

I simply have to get out more, you see I am a homebody and find it rather difficult to just go for a walk without a reason. I have tried geocaching, munzee, and Ingress, but I either ran out of “walk to” abel finds or just lost interest. I then found Zombies, run! and though I enjoyed the game I am the wrong shape for running and the Dogta Donna would get underfoot when I tried to speed up. This is when I found out about The Walk, a story you have to move to progress in like Zombies but, as the name suggests, you walk not run.

So I have my Dogta Donna,


my technological motivation, and wellies that fit over my calves (this was the hard bit), then I changed medication and I found some “umph”. Unfortunately the change in medication has also started interfering with my blood sugar levels, so if you see me yes it is an apple in my pocket.

Unfortunately there is one more setback to my walking adventures. I live in CHESHIRE, now, Cheshire is good that it is a plain so flat, really flat, I do not do hills, but as we are penned in by hills on three sides and the Irish Sea on the fourth by the time the weather gets to us, any weather at all, all seasons, it is rain. We have heavy rain you can’t see through, that fine stuff that soaks you through, sideways rain, horizontal rain, rain that comes up from the round, ALL THE RAIN. As Billy Connolly said “there is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes” I will just get on with it,

2016-02-08 14.17.04.jpg

but I don’t think I’ll be getting two days out of a pair of jeans any longer.






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