Size Matters

It really does you know, NOT like that, pah, I am talking about micro crochet. I see a lot of crochet in my FaceBook news feed (well I would wouldn’t I) and am always in awe when micro crochet shows up, but then I end up angry when comments like,

“It’s cute and all but look at the price”

“but why is it so expensive”

“Ye, nice. Nice price too”


Will you just look at what I an talking about…

‘Micro Crochet’ by itchycrochet

Rhino – Micro Crochet Stuffe…


Santa & Mrs Claus – tiny min…


DollHouse miniature ooak bea…


Muffa’s – Micro Miniatur…


Miniature Couple, Micro Amig…


Miniature doll crocheted – F…


Crochet doll, collectable mi…


tiny crochet elephant family…


Micro Crocheted Wearable Fib…


Handmade micro miniature ami…


Micro Mini Doll, Crochet Ami…


Made To Order: Crunchy Red A…


Micro Crochet Grant Wood’…


Michiko, a thread artist bea…


Angel Micro Doll- MADE to OR…


Miniature Totoro Amigurumi C…


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I do not do micro crochet, I am not delicate, I am not intricate, I hold my hook like I am digging a ditch. For the sake of proving a point I took up my 0.75mm hook.

Big 1

This is Freda (pattern by Daveydreamer)

I made her (at the request of a friend) with DK yarn and my 2.5mm hook, as I do with all of my amigurumi work , she is approximately ten inches tall.

I am not a slow crocheter, I am not the fastest, but depending what I am watching and can get a good turn of speed on. Freda took three and a half hours solid work (well I was up and down with the kids, but if I had actually managed to sit still for long enough it would have taken three and a half hours. She would cost £27 if I were to sell her.

small 1


THIS is F#@&^ (the name will make sense shortly)

I made her with lace weight yarn and my 0.75mm hook, and I have the callous on my left middle finger to prove it, she is approximately five inches tall.
She was hard work. The hook was sharp, the stitches were small, The Hellions were loud. She too six and a half hours, nearly double the time for half the size. She would cost £47.50.

both 1

Here they are together. You see, the problem most non crafters have is that they don’t see that both of these flamingos have the same amount of stitches, the same amount of sewing up, but all on a smaller scale. The smaller scale means that aiming at the stitch is harder, OK that is probably not the best phrase but with the size of the stitches (16 per inch vs 6 per inch) you can see the opportunity for missed stitches.

While this was an interesting experiment I do not think I will be repeating it any time soon, but hopefully the callous on my finger was well earned, if I can just prevent one comment regarding the price of micro crochet.



6 thoughts on “Size Matters

  1. I greatly admire those who can do these micro things. Amigurumi is one of my favorite things to make, but there is NO way I could ever make these.. I’m not nearly delicate enough to do those teeny tiny things! I think an E size hook is the smallest I’ve ever made. And that was rough!!

    I wonder though, if those tiny hooks with the tiny heads, would be easier to navigate with if they had the rubber ergonomic handles on them?!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I will not be doing anything so small for a long time now.

      I use a 2.5mm hook and DK for amigurumi and have a runner handle on that one, though it is more because I kept on snapping my aluminium hooks on the thumb rest. It was really weird to work with at first though.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful work- as always !!
    A very interesting experiment I hope everyone can now appreciate why smaller is sooo much harder to accomplish
    As for your comment about holding your hook as if you are digging a ditch Hahahahhahahahaaha wait a mo my sides ache Hahahahahahahahaha the reason I found it soooo funny is because I thought I was the only ham fisted hooker out there,

    Liked by 1 person

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