Can we all just get along?

I saw this video this morning and it really struck a nerve. As you probably know I am pan-stitual (I knit, sew, and crochet) but I lean more towards the crochet end of the spectrum. I grew up a knitter, and took to sewing as a teenager, I didn’t even KNOW about crochet until I was in my twenties.

With all this in mind I would like to offer some hope to those out there shunned by their families for their love of the hook. My mum, a predominant knitter, has in recent years converted to crochet. Dolly, the sister and a sewer, has even taken to crochet, though I suspect she is just experimenting. My in laws, for all of their “doesn’t she hold her hook funny”s, are pan-stitual. So you see, poor misunderstood hookers, there IS hope, we can all get along if we just try.

(link just in case)

Please, don’t let the bullies win.

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