Dear Family

I love you all very much, you know I do, but there are just a couple of things I would like to draw your attention to.


Doors have this amazing property, not only do they open to allow access to a building or room they close again to keep the warm air in/demons, creatures, cold out.


Light switches similarly have not only one function. In addition to turning a light on to provide illumination they can also be used to turn the light off and not just in order to tell spooky stories with a torch.


Just because a flat surface is clear this does not mean that toys, tools, drawings, keys, sweet wrappers, junk mail, should be placed there. OK temporarily is fine but after a week thinking that this is a permanent home for the item gets a little old.


If you need to speak to someone it helps to be in the same room as them, with their ears pointed at your mouth, and that they are aware that you are speaking to them.


Also, and this needs it’s own point, when speaking to a person it is considered rather important to actually SPEAK. Just thinking about a subject then blurting “It’s the green one” is not of a great help to conversation.

If asked to do a job, tidying your belonging for example, I would appreciate this being done, you see it is rather difficult to clean a room when it takes an hour to put dolls, pens, clothes, disemboweled computers back in their proper place. ANd that is when I know where the proper place is.


Lastly, and I really do feel you should be made aware of this, when you are asleep and talking, snoring, making little snuffle noises, and I turn your light off because you fell asleep reading I feel such love for you that it hurts my heart.

Love You All

Mum, Mam, Mother, Mand, Ginge, Wife.


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