That’ll teach me

I had a yarn review all organised for some yarn I bought from Yarn Paradise but I have forgotten what it was called, and lost all of the bands so I have no idea what it was.


I do know that it was on special offer and came in lovely earthy colours. I am certain that it is Z twist, so perfect for right handed crochet. It is totally soft and frothy and a joy to work with.

I think it had alpacca in the fibres AND name, but I could be delusional. I am nearly sure that it was super bulky, well I remember using my 10mm hook.

I made a granny square, just the one, and changed colour when the last one ran out so the stripes got thinner as I worked around.

2016-01-04 11.31.25


It is 56 inches square, has 28 rows, and each DC/TRC is an inch high, and ooooh sooo fluffy, and cozy. It feels like snuggling in a doll’s house.


I have learned now to stop procrastinating  OK so that’s NOT going to happen, but if you want a giant granny square just like mine, sorry you just can’t.




Edit; The Lovely Helena knows my work better than I do and has informed me (correctly) that it was Peru Alpaca by Ice  , but you still can’t make one because it’s sold out.


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