My Beautiful Puppy

I was going to write a ranty, political blog about this odd expectation that seems to be going around for normal Muslim folk to apologise for a bunch of nutters. You know along the lines of “No one expected me to apologise for the RIA in high school, no one expects Christians to apologize for the KKK” but then I thought “well the idiots won’t read or care about my opinion, and those that do care already agree.” so I will show you some bad photos of The DOGta Donna instead.2015-09-20 13.21.52

This is how I spend most of my working day, I find it helps a great deal in preventing procrastination. I do, however, tend to feel guilty when I need food, or a comfort break.

2015-09-09 13.15.11

My Beautiful DOGta Donna has some what of a large tongue, I mean it is so big Dolly’s dog Dave thinks she has a ball or other toy in her mouth and keeps trying to steel it.

2015-11-18 13.36.31

Really, would you look at that tongue. When she runs it flaps like her ears and jowls. You may also notice the small ball, that is a suprise egg  that The Clone left on the couch.

2015-11-18 13.25.30

Yes Donna is loving the egg, it is her comfort thing. Well it’s not just the eg, that just happened to be the ball she could find. See Donna loves her ball, when we are at the park she will ignore all thing (children, food, other dogs) until that first throw of the ball, it took me a year of bribes to get her to bring the ball back for another throw, she would just bound around the field with the ball in her mouth. I have to make her leave the ball at the door or she will play with it in the house and get it stuck under the furniture and pester for it back every five min.

2015-11-05 10.56.13


Until the fireworks started that is, you can not get her to give the ball up if there are fireworks, she actually takes it from one room to the other as she follows me around the house. There was no playing with the ball, it was hug the ball while sleeping all day, it did not end up under the furniture.

We love our puppy (OK she’s 5) and she loves us, the neighbourhood kids still get in a panic when Donna follows them out of the house convinced she will run away, why would she do that? she has everything she wants right here.






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