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 This pattern is available in US and UK terms

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[in-koh-it, -eyt or, esp. British, in-koh-eyt]


  1. Not yet completed or fully developed; rudimentary.
  2. Just begun; incipient.
  3. Not organized; lacking order:

With the upcoming selection of hoodies Inchoate can be anything you want and in not using flesh tones can be anyone you want.

4mm hook

20 DC/SC + 16 Rows = 4 inches

2.5mm hook

36 DC/SC + 28 Rows = 4 inches

60m White DK Stylecraft Special

53m Black DK Stylecraft Special

Fibre fill.

INC= Increases
DEC= Decreases

**this pattern is available in US and UK terms**

All of my patterns will be available as an instant download, after payment is cleared. So no more waiting for an E-mail or *gasp* the post man. You will need Adobe to read this PDF pattern. The program can be downloaded for free at After payment you will be given the choice of two files to download one for UK terms and one for US terms, you will also be sent a email with download links for safe keeping.

Please feel free to contact me with any queries or comments.

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