Dream a little dream

I don’t sleep well most of the time so I wake up mid dream a lot, this means I usually remember my dreams. I have very odd dreams, I always have ever since I can remember. I also have quite a lot of control of my dreams, when I was four (ish) I killed the bad guys with a coat hanger after weeks of a recurring nightmare and that sorted THAT.

So, back to the oddness of my dreams. You see I watch a lot of supernatural/superpowers TV and horror films and my dreams reflect that, like I have a lot of Buffy type dreams, you know, saving the world from/with vampires and ghouls and the type but in a light hearted teen friendly way. Then there are the dreams in which I am pregnant with a demon child riding through the Carpathians on a horse and trap with the father of the baby, the father changing every time I have the dream, sometimes it’s a friend, sometimes a TV character. You can see how odd things get.

Then there are the spacial anomaly dreams. A lot of them involve moving in to a new house that is tiny, everyone that visits say how nice but small it is, I then tell them that it is OK we have lots of storage. This storage is usually a massive house accessed through the cupboard under the stairs or by climbing some shelves to crawl through a sky light.

Another spacial anomaly dream involves walking to Manchester, Manchester you understand, is a thirty minute drive from my town. Manchester is also in the totally opposite direction from the corner it is “just around” in these dreams (a corner that has a fabric shop on it), but reality aside Manchester is a ten minute walk past a camp sight (that is not there, it is shops in real life).

Then there are the dreams of everyday stuff, like the school run, or just sitting at home, but none of the places are where they should be, they are childhood places. Sitting at home is the house I grew up in (I could really do with the extra rooms) and the kids school is my old school. But it feels right in the dream.

When I woke up this morning (was woken by The Clone at 4.30) I was in the middle of an amazing dream and thought I should tell you all about it, but then I dropped off again (between The Hellions shouting at each other) and now I can’t remember it, I do know it was ace, I do know it involved yarn, and I do know it involved David Tennant, but that is all I have.

Oh Well



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