The Eyes Have It

I have rather bad spacial awareness, this leads to issues with amigurumi eyes. You see my eyes live in little boxes, I really should just label the boxes rather than sitting here telling you all about it,but that will never happen so lets just pretend we didn’t mention it. I have just had to frog Darth Vader to get the 11 mm eyes out of him because I should have used 9 mm eyes.


So you know, only a small difference.

The eyes are the hardest part of any ami pattern for me. Safety eyes, beads, embroidery, what size, where to put them, the questions are endless.

I do think I have got inchoate’s just right.


This is the “base” of my latest set of patterns, like my “shifty snowmen” type amigurumi

snowmen wm

there will be a series of patterns for each season but, without giving too much away, these will be more interactive.




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