Wet felting

OK, my new skills “how too”s are not going to be detailed as I am not even close to proficient at them, but I am hoping that in reading about my first gos at things you will realize that most of the new skills are not as hard as you think (or if they are that it’s OK not to get it right first go)

Armed with;

a spray bottle

a sushi mat

bubble wrap


a towel

washing up liquid

and fluff

2015-10-07 10.32.27

I set out on my adventure, lay out your fluff in layers alternating with horizontal and vertical strands with the design you want to use (I decided on a pretty flower) on top of the bubble wrap. Spray your work until it is saturated. put the mat on top of your work and flip the whole lot over so the mat is on the bottom.

Remove the bubble wrap and place the tulle on top of your work, scrunch the bubble wrap and use it to rub a dab of washing up liquid in to your piece, use small circles and keep at it for ten ish minutes. Gently lift the tulle separating any wool that has got trapped in it and lay it back down on your work.

Now roll the mat up and wrap it in the towel and roll like a rolling pin for a few minutes, open everything up, remove the tulle, turn the work ninety degrees, replace the tulle, re-roll. Repeat the rotating and rolling until your work looks like felt, it should have noticeably shrank during this process.

Rinse your work to remove the washing up liquid and roll it in the sushi mat one last time to squeeze the water out and leave it to dry.

2015-10-07 12.30.55

I added a pinch to mine because it looked a bit naff flat (I am not an artist) but I am happy with how it looks on my hat.



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