The voices in my head

OK, I am actually talking about my inner monologue, I know what those of you are thinking “what??? she HAS an inner monologue?” yes, yes I do, and if you have heard what is let out among the public you should probably be worried right about now.

I will admit that the contents of my head is mostly about crochet of what I am supposed to be doing next (shopping, school run, you know the drill) but the VOICE changes all the time. When I am talking to you I use my Itchy voice which lead to issues when Dolly asked me to do some work on HER blog, I really struggled not to sound like Itchy. Amanda and Itchy don’t think too differently but just differently enough for me to (mostly) remain professional in the face of uncommon stupidity.

It is accepted that I would have a separate inner voice for business and personal life, it’s really rather a boring concept and perfectly normal, things get a bit odd in my brain when I a really enjoying a book. This may stem from my love of books written in the first person but is not limited to first person books, I start thinking with the voice of the character I identify with most. Bridget Jones was a fun one and the first time I noticed it with lots of “v”s cropping in to my thought process and Charley Davidson is just tough enough to get me through the day without driving myself mental, but Harry Dresden is barely any change at all from my non book influenced thought process.

Recently things have taken a funny turn, probably due to the amount of netflixing I have been doing, in that I now have the internal monologue of a TV character. You see I have been watching an awful lot of Dexter, I grew bored with the show when it was first aired so I  am now playing catch up (I am now on series 7), working from home coupled with Crochet Widower’s new work hours mean I have more “alone” time with the TV. I am practically at a run to finish Dexter because my internal monologue is, as you may have noticed, not as internal as it should be a lot of the time and I have started thinking in the voice of Debra Morgan…




2 thoughts on “The voices in my head

    • Most of the time my thoughts just fall out of my mouth, I remember with my ears so am always talking, this lead CW to thinking I was giving him lists of things to do as I was telling myself my list


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