The stick spindle

Some time ago I  stole borrowed a drop spindle and some fluff off a friend with grand plans of spinning my own yarn, that did not work as I could not sit in MY SPOT and spin but I did vow to organize myself to practice more. Imagine my joy after months (maybe a year, OK) of procrastination at finding out about stick spindles at Yarndale.

As Wednesdays are now reserved for learning a new skill I sat myself down in my corner with my spindle, niddy noddy, and fluff and spun.

2015-09-30 09.11.17

To spin with a stick spindle you hold the spindle loosely in your weak hand, just to support it, and with one end of  tied to the spindle wind the fluff like a bike peddle around. When you have enough twist on your yarn it will curl around itself when held loosely, wind that bit around the spindle, pull a bit more fluff, and repeat.

Once I got going I found it rather relaxing, and the faster you spin the easier it gets. The only down side to the stick spindle is that you can only spin small amounts, that is not too big a problem at the moment and I did manage twenty (ish) meters.

Once you have finished spinning you need to wet (not soak) your lovely new yarn and wind it on a niddy noddy (or chair back) to set it and stop it untwisting on you.

2015-09-30 13.08.38

And there you have it, definitely yarn, didn’t untwist, made by me, I will be dying it (eventually) but won’t tell you what it’s for until it’s done.

2015-10-01 07.18.37




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