Sticks and strings and other things

Saturday was my trip out to Yarndale and just like last year I didn’t take nearly enough photos, but unlike last year (and I will probably get lynched for this) there was no magic. You see most of the traders there were the same people with the same stock as last year, and a lot of them were selling commercially manufactured goods by big names that you can see and buy anywhere. I went to see hand spun, hand dyed yarns, sniff the fleece, talk to people with passion for their craft, and be inspired.

Ok it wasn’t all bad, there were the Mandalas for Wink,

the Flowers for Memories,

and the ever present bunting

2015-09-26 12.10.47

that made me ooooh.

I did buy a couple of things.

This brilliant bag from The Knitting Goddess, I mean there are few things I like better than a bag, Doctor Who, and Yarn. I actually saw this bag on The Knitting Goddess’s twitter update on Saturday morning so there was no need to think about it and buy one on the second pass, and a good job too as they were all sold by lunch.

2015-09-28 11.44.55

I fell in love with a stick spindle, I have a drop spindle (on loan, thanks Jen) but find it a little inconvenient having to sit on the computer chair to use it (I suspect this is a leg length thing). My stick spindle was hand turned by Natural Born Dyers from Silver Birch and is beautiful, that it will be easier to spin in my corner now is an added bonus.

Most of my fluff is already carded but could do with a bit of a tidy before I launch in to my grand plans so I also bought a flick carder from P&M Woolcraft. So I am now all set to start on my adventure in spinning.

2015-09-28 11.45.05

I will try to set Wednesdays aside for new skills, other designers’ patterns, and battery recharging, especially when the pattern currently on the hook is such a large one (and this is not the last in that category), with a starting row of 500 and the prospect of over 100 rows this one is taking a bit longer than usual.

2015-09-28 11.44.29

I shall crack on with the cardigan now but hope to be back on Thursday with an update on how the spinning is going.



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