Don’t mention the C word

Or any other winter festival for that matter.

I will start this post with a note about my Birthday, I was born on the Winter solstice and was brought up (slightly) Catholic so I got all of my excitement one week a year. Dolly’s birthday is five days before mine so by the time my birthday came along I was sick with excitement. Though I love my birthday being when it is (like I’d know any better) until recently I point blankly refused to acknowledge Christmas until after my birthday, well now I have to become that annoying person who starts Christmas In September.

OK, that is a bit of a fib, in 2013 I started in MARCH designing and writing the pattern for my Nativity 

The Naticity

The Nativity

But I don’t like to make a big deal until September, actually I don’t like to make a big deal before my birthday but that is the problem, if people want to make their decorations they need to start before the Solstice, before December if they have a lot to do, so I have remind people that I have patterns they might like to make.

This is not a problem that affects only designers, hand crafters of all types need to remind people of their decorations/gifts in time for people to decide to buy them, I mean I have a friend who has all of their Christmas shopping done now, all of it, ready to wrap (I suspect they might have it wrapped as well), that is just far to organised for this creative sort but…

I like to make gifts (some more appreciated than others) if I was to make a Riot bear each for The Hellions and the growing army of nieces

strawberry 5

It would take eighteen hours sat doing nothing but crochet, and since THAT does not happen all that often I would need at least three weeks to make bears, not to mention the custom orders, hats, gloves, and this year, I hope, socks.

I guess the point I am making is; please forgive crafters, all crafters, the personal and professional for starting Christmas early, someone has to.




2 thoughts on “Don’t mention the C word

  1. LOL. This did not go where I thought it might be going and is well written and has lots of good points. 🙂 Thanks for the read. I will be forgiving of any handcrafter/designer who has to start the holidays early. But I may still always have a problem with the big stores putting their displays up too early and piping in the seasonal music before the season! 😉

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