It’s all about the percentages

The Summer holidays are at an end, and I am not ashamed I am relieved. This year we had plans to go camping in Wales, visit a friend, and see the Doctor Who experience (again). But that is the problem with plans, they can be foiled. Crochet Widower got a new job, out of the blue, the job he has always wanted, TO START NOW. Wooo hoo, not so much, his old job decided that the longer you worked there the more notice you needed to give so he was stuck working out four weeks notice as well as starting the new job. This left us unable to really GO anywhere as I don’t drive, not that The Hellions cared much, we did manage to go to a local park that had a Fun day on Tuesdays with sports

and face painting

2015-08-18 13.39.06

the sun was shining most of the time so The Hellions had the kind of summer holidays I remember having as a kid, playing out with their friends, playing in with their friends, riding bikes, visits to the park, you know the drill. What I don’t remember is “the can?can?”, I mean really, is it too much to ask not to be asked for something every five minuets? yes, by the way, the answer is yes.

I did manage to work out why, and it’s all to do with percentages, brace yourself.

There are roughly 8766 hours in a year.

This makes an hour 0.01% of a year.

At (nearly) 39 an hour is 0.39% of my life.

The Clone on the other hand is (just) 8 so an hour is 0.08% of her life.

Put another way.

1% of my life is 3418.67 hours (142 and a half days)

1% of The Clones life is 701.2650216 (29 and a bit days)

OK, while I was explaining this ti The Orical last night she informed me “Mand, I am loosing the will to live” so let me tell you a story.

All summer I have had half of the street in and out of my house, this is normal we are the middle terrace and they use our house as a short cut from the front to the back, one day one of the kids had a toy and was asked where it came from

“oooh, I have been there, where abouts?”
“you know the shop next to the arcade? there”
“oh yes, I know the one”

so Whales in a country, it is 8016 (ish) square miles, there are around 3 million people living there, but in the head of an eight year old Wales in one town, probably only two or three streets, maybe only a camp site or holiday camp.

When The Clone does The Can?Can? every five minuets it is the equivalent of me getting up to look at FaceBook every half an hour, so I have to be more patient. This only helps at the end of the day, when they are sleeping, and looking cute, but as they say “every little helps”

2014-12-26 20.41.49




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