It’s not you, it’s me

Long time friends will have noticed that I have not quite been as present as is expected. This is not a “blasted FB” thing, no I have not fallen out with you, and yes I am quite well and happy… but… my routine was disrupted. I was all set up with what I would do in which portion of any given day with cleaning, blogging, social media posting, and actual crocheting. Then The Sister (hence forth known ad Dolly) had a bad day at work, she was a stylist you know but had grown disillusioned with her work and wanted a change, so off she set planning to open a haberdashery. This being Dolly things moved pretty swiftly and just as I was recovering for Christmas and the school holidays Dolly found premises and needed help moving in.

10959355_349350791919839_7728670346760711707_nThen there were crochet classes to plan and rather quickly teach, things started to settle down… oops spoke too soon, Dolly’s needed expanding. Dolly had not figured that the haberdashery side of things would not be the big draw and that classes (thought to be an aside) would really take off, so the space set aside in the shop for classes was just not big enough for all the activity.

first class
So the back room of the shop was commandeered in April and a weekend of painting and moving resulted in a new bigger craft room


and things began to settle in to a routine again, but arrrrrgh, circumstances beyond Dolly’s control meant that the building was no longer available and things would have to move again in May.

Dolly’s new home is much roomier, and coincidentally about half the distance from my house (I am still not sure if this is good or not). Though all of this has been a good thing, and the adventure has been fun, I do not manage well with disruption so I have bounced form project to project. The parasol pattern I started writing in May got scrapped when I ran out of white.

2015-05-11 13.27.02

And I started a coat

2015-04-20 16.26.45

But that was put away when I restarted the parasol, this time in green

2015-07-04 19.03.22

But then there was a shawl pattern to write for one of the ladies in a craft group I am a member of

2015-06-27 20.36.03

I started honing my sewing skills on Wednesday when I am in charge of the shop

2015-06-18 16.06.39
I mean really honing

2015-06-23 12.25.14

I intended to finish the parasol before CE testing bears, but couldn’t contain myself


And then decided to make my own bras (a bigger job than I was expecting)

2015-07-08 14.48.04

I have until Wednesday to finish the parasol pattern as I really don’t want to still be at it over the summer holidays.

I promise that come September I will be much more myself and organised.



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