Hanging Hippie Garden

I live in a terraced house, this is great in the winter as my neighbours are hugging me and we share heat, but we do not have a garden, we barely have a yard and between Crochet Widower’s shed and The Hellions bikes there is not much space for anything else.


Then I saw an amazing idea, I actually saw it about twenty times until I gave in and actually did it, I mean if something is stalking you you have to pay attention.

2015-07-05 13.25.11

After getting Crochet Widower to attach a beam to the (unused) hanging basket brackets I set to cutting holes in bottles, I drink a lot of fizzy water, an awful lot, so it took no time at all to collect twelve (good start)

2015-07-05 12.34.22

The BFF poked holes in each side and I threaded garden wire through them and secured it with a button

2015-07-05 12.34.25

To stop them moving in the wind too much I attached them in a brick pattern.

2015-07-05 12.34.16

I have more to go but ran out of bottles, the odd thing is that I didn’t use a pattern for which way around the botlea are and it doesn’t bother me, The BFF can’t even look at it but I am fine. Oh well.

2015-07-05 13.25.11I just want shoots now, so I can feel smug.



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