Things I learned this week

It feels like I have not stopped for a week, and this blog post is a day late, but I HAVE learned a few things.

1. Why are The Hellions (The Clone in particular) obsessed with watching youtube videos of people opening blind bags and surprise eggs?

You know at birthday’s and Christmas when kids open their gifts and are all “WOW” then don’t look at them again? yeeeee it’s that, the videos are of the best bit and they don’t have to tidy up after.

2. Dolly’s moving was not a good thing after all, the old shop was on the opposite side of town from my house so I would pop in then see to my business in town. NOW Dolly’s is on my way home, all of my tasks are complete, I can relax, have a cup of tea, and get nothing done while I sit and chat for two hours.

dolly'sI will be taking a “keep at the shop” stash to solve this problem.

3. It is impossible for me to sit without being asked to do something, at Dolly’s we are having iOS/Android issues with the team calender, yesterday I was sat trying to find a solution that did not involve a whole new calender and Crochet Widower was attending a spot of DIY, every ten min he would ask me to “come and look”, “could you pass me”, “Is this OK?”. I expect and plan for this with The Hellions, but… pah.

Problem still not solved.

4.We have no pens, OK this isn’t a new phenomenon but it is note worthy this week. We have a stationary draw, in it there are markers, highlighters, pencils of all kinds, tape, staplers, calculators, and pens that have no ink left, but when I want to wright in actual pen not a hope.


5. The times I am the busiest seem to be the least productive. With Dolly’s moving at the weekend I spent Saturday morning waiting for it to be time to leave while the afternoon was spent cleaning (Dolly collected the keys, came to the old shop where we had packed what we could, said “the new place could do with a clean”, looked at me, then gave me the keys, get a reputation and you’ll never live it down).

Sunday was, after the morning of “when can er go to Dolly’s?”, spent putting the shop in order.

Monday I went in to town to to see to some paperwork and popped in to Dolly’s on my way home, well that was my morning out of the window, and my crocheting was a stitch out.

Tuesday I had a 1-2-1 in the morning and then attempted to sort out the calender problem, and you know how THAT worked out, but I did manage to solve the stitch problem, well I think I did, I am now half way along the row that had a stitch out by the end so we’ll see.

Today I would like to finish my dress at Dolly’s and have some small scale crochet to keep at the shop.



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