Never work with children or animals

I survived the school holidays, OK it was only two weeks and the BIG challenge is still before me, but I did spend six and a half hours cleaning the residue away.

I really do mean residue, there was something on every surface that seemed to be water resistant, sticky, and peel-able, (OK it was pritt stick, but it took me a while to work that out).

There were “droplets” on most of the walls that I can only hope were ice-cream, I mean really the alternative would end in

D I V O R C E (sing that in your best Tammy Wynette voice).

The paint on the wall in the dinning-room had dried to a passable blood stain.

There was more that a bowl of cheerios behind the oven (we won’t talk about the fridge).

finger prints and hand shapes dominated the decore below waist hight, my blinkered belief is that it was mud, paint, and chocolate. (Oh PLEASE let it me chocolate)

For some reason there are nail stickers and stick on earrings WELDED to The Hellions bedroom floor.



AS you probably noticed our DOGta Donna is a boxer, this means that she has quite runny eyes, when we first got her I was quite vigilant about wiping her eyes as they can lose the fur there, but she seems to have a lot less “eye snot” these days. WELL now I know why, my beautiful, caring, kind, Geek Girl has been wiping Donna’s eyes, she has in fact been wiping Donna’s eyes ON THE WALLS. The walls on the landing, the walls in the bedrooms (Oh yes, MY room), the dinning room, and the living room, not a wall is safe.

Donna, you will notice, is also a short haired dog AAAAANNNNDDDDD she is a house dog so shouldn’t malt as much as an outside dog, how this can be true with dust bunnies held together with dog hair the size of my head is a mystery.

And on that note I am off to play Hearth stone and crochet.



2 thoughts on “Never work with children or animals

  1. I remember those days well of having youngsters running around the house, now my boys have grown the hight of their finger marks have grown…why oh why to they deem it necessary to put their dirty hands on my ceilings, admittedly the ceilings in the cottage are low ..but seriously just stop please LOL

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