Let them eat cake

I have to own up to lying on Monday, I was not crocheting the parasol as I told everyone on social media I was baking cakes. You see it was Rae’s birthday last week and The Witches and I like to make a fuss, just for us, for birthdays but I can’t mention it before hand because that would imply that it is EXPECTED. Now I am not boasting when I say I make a LOVELY cake, taste wise my cakes are superb, I get the texture just right, they are generally amazing, but…. I can not decorate a cake SS850457 This was The Clones 1st birthday cake, as you can clearly see it is a bumble bee (that is her pet name) in my defence on this one I did end up visiting A&E in the middle of decorating it, but still…. The best cake I ever decorated was Geek Girls (Ladybird) first birthday cake IMG20110406_002 OK, The Clone (at age three) did most of the decorating. I then discovered the joys of colour gel

I no longer need to decorate cake, I just make it look like play-dough and be done with it.

2015-05-18 18.38.55

This lot are lemon or lime with mango, kiwi, or pineapple frosting, and oh look the frosting is a bit rubbish abysmal, it separated and made the cakes so hard to eat that one of The Witches drank hers with a straw, oh well there are more birthdays to perfect the decorating.

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