Things I want to do

I have recently read that you should never tell anyone your goals as you are then less likely to succeed, well “pah” I say, “pah”. I have a list, actually it’s a spreadsheet with tabs for categories (who said I was OCD??), you’ll see why in a moment

*Some things will not be on this list because they are surprises.

Yarn bombing;
I am late this year and either need to make monks or angels and can not decide which, one is local and the other requires being within spitting distance of Abakhan.

There are two others planned but shhhhhhhh I can’t tell.

Oh lord the patterns.
A skirt.
A cardigan.
A blanket
Shelf life STILL needs a head.
A beret.
Matching mittens.
A wrap
A lace dress.

Personal projects;
Filet work for all of the windows in the house, I have it all planned out, the living room is getting the musical notation for the oooo eeeee ooooos in Dr Who.
A Helena seater in 4 ply.
A lampshade.
Or two.
A filet gift.

And then we have my WIPs
Two blankets.
A coat

2015-04-20 16.26.52

The Neurosis parasol

2015-05-11 13.27.19

There are also new skills on this list;
Continental knitting (if you saw me knitting you’d understand).
I have a drop spindle (on loan) that needs to be had a go of.
I have had a Tunisian crochet hook for two years.
AND I still can’t ride a unicycle.

So what do you think I should start next?




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