How wise are you?

I’m talking teeth here. My teeth and I have always had a rocky relationship, most of my baby teeth had to be pulled by the dentist due to their stubborn nature, and the ones that didn’t had help (the dog knocked one out, two were helped by tough sweets, and I distinctly remember my mum pulling the first one out). One of my canine teeth had to be removed before it was out of the gum because it was growing all wrong, and two molars were removed due to lack of space (I know, with a mouth as big as mine). I am rather thankful to dentists as I would not be the pretty thing you see today without them.


My wisdom teeth, however, are in a league of their own.

The first one made it’s appearance after a spell of depression, obviously the allotment as therapy made me wise, but when I returned to the workforce I lost that wisdom and my tooth decided I do not deserve it after all and it started rubbing my cheek and had to be removed.


Number two arrived with The Clone, amazingly I still have that one, though it has been filled down recently for rubbing my cheek. But it is still there so I must know SOMETHING about this parenting gig (what though I don’t know)


Third time is a charm eh? this one has been bugging me for five years (since the birth of Geek Girl) and was finally removed last week, it had started to decay. But as it was close to the nerve I was told I would need a general anaesthetic and they would need to go in through the bone, thankfully I ended up with a local anaesthetic and the orthodontist’s brute strength. Hypothyroidism, it seems, saps your wisdom.


I wonder when I’ll get the fourth? though I am in no rush as the orthodontist said that when that one starts growing it’ll probably have to come out too. But for now at least I am one tooth wiser than I was twenty years ago.



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