The Long Game

Sorry I have been away so long, school holiday and Dolly got in the way, but I am back now and organised (ish) I would like to talk about my rocky relationship with big projects. I love the idea of them; “I know I’ll make an afghan”, “I need a load of king size blankets”, “a thread bed runner will be nice”, and the current “I want a long full circle coat” If I have a deadline or I am writing a pattern I fly through them

See? no problem, none of these things took over a month, quite reasonable expectation I feel.

These blankets too TWO YEARS, they are single bed sizes, that is not big you know, mostly they sat in bags waiting for my will to carry on, the coat is now on week four and I find myself doing anything BUT work on it, on the plus side the house is rather clean and organised right now. This even extends to blog posts, I have a “How Too” planned that needs a couple of things making to illustrate a point and am I making them? no, I am about to get the rag rug out of hiding and finish that (by edging it, don’t get carried away) it has only taken about 15 years so far. 0b908-rug TTFN signature



All finished


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