Ten Things I Hate About You

Fridays solar eclipse marked eight years of marriage for Crochet Widower and myself, if you have been an internet friend for a while you’ll know I don’t really do sentiment and “sweet”, so this is my list of things that Crochet Widower does to make me mad.

1) There are computer carcases all over my house (OK I got a new laptop out of this but still…)

2) He never puts things away (OK he builds nice shelves so I can put things away)

3) OCD, he pulls his beard hair out and lines it in odd places (OK the beard is for me and if I let him shave he wouldn’t be able to do it)

4) He doesn’t appreciate my comedic genius (OK he said that if he laughed EVERY time I was funny he wouldn’t stop)

5) Feet, he has them, they smell. Really, we have a bucket with a lid to keep his socks in until they can go in the wash ON THEIR OWN (OK he lets me have the bucket)

6) He “pops out” to the shops for hours at a time (OK he also has no problem buying “girls” things while he is there)

7) He does not show emotion (OK I show enough for the both of us)

8) Motor racing, the sound of it drives me mad (OK I watch a lot of supernatural shows he doesn’t care for)

9) He eats odd things, smelly things (OK so do I)

10) He snores (…)


One thought on “Ten Things I Hate About You

  1. LOL! My husband and I have been married 4 years on March 20th together 9 years on March 3rd! We have 4 wonderful boys or men from previous marriages! They have their flaws but make up for it somehow, and I wouldn’t be happier without him and his snoring, eating bananas ( YUCK) those really gross me out, not eating fruits n veggies, and other things! He is my friend , my lover, and the best person for me and our sons!


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