How not to make a woven rag rug

Last weekend I thought “You know what? I have boxes of odd bits of yarn I’ll make a rug for the kitchen with them, a woven rug with a hoola hoop frame”

So all started out well, ling two lengths of yarn together and tie them to the hoola hoop



OK, now add more lengths of yarn, looping them around the centre of these two, remember to use an odd number so the “under, over” waft and weft works.

2015-03-14 12.11.24

With your first colour start weaving, under both strands of one length then over both strands of the next, all the way around. When you get back to the start you should be on the opposite side (under/over), keep going for an inch or two.

2015-03-14 12.23.56

Now you are going to separate the strands of all but one length (to keep your “spokes” odd) and continue undering and overing through both strands.

To change colour just tie the two colours together with a knot leaving tails to sew in later.

2015-03-14 12.36.48

Easy peasy, off we go. When doing this rug sized though do not use one strand of DK yarn, please don’t, or if you do make a lot more spokes than eleven. By the time I was half way done it was getting rather obvious that the spokes would not hold the yarn together very well, so just to see what I had I fastened off each spoke

2015-03-16 07.31.22
A bad photo but I threw it in the bin as soon as I could. It was a birds nest, it actually would be a lovely nest had it not been acrylic. Oh well you live and learn, I have plans for kids coaster classes using bangles and DK yarn for the holidays and will chain some DK up to make a thicker “rope” for the rug. Onwards to the next big idea.







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