Mothers’ day

I have posted before about things my mother has taught me and and about my mum in general, these posts usually happen around Mothers’ day, this year I have decided it is my turn (well I have been at it nearly eight years now), so here is MY list of the ten best things about having kids.

** this is my list, you will have your own, we are all different.


1) Not getting questioning looks when out shopping in a tiara, for some reason as soon as you have a child with you people just accept how fabulous you are and agree that you deserve a crown.

2) Talking to yourself is a boat load easier, even when the child is clearly asleep it is acceptable to chat away about the shopping list and people don’t hide around corners from you (as much)

3) Skipping down the street, this may or may not include singing, is suddenly a socially acceptable activity and will even draw smiles from the better class of passer by.

4) You have someone around who thinks it’s funny when you say “I quit” and start walking through the really deep puddles in your summer shoes because “where did all the rain come from?”


5) Mud is allowed to be played in, and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

And the tractor diver agrees

And the tractor diver agrees


6) Dressing up is no longer “for” and can just be “because”

2014-04-05 11.50.40


7) Making cake is compulsory, they don’t have to look amazing, as long as you had fun.

No adult supervision

No adult supervision

8) No one tells you off for playing with your food.


2014-09-07 11.25.39
9) You get to live in an art gallery, with only the finest art allowed.

puff paint Collage


10) they sleep

2014-12-26 20.41.49OK, so not for long, but they do, and you are allowed to sit and stare at them for as long as you like.



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