The best thing about crochet is…

you are in no way in competition with any other crocheter EVER. I mean really, no matter what you do it’s your style, your heart, your design. Don’t believe me? OK take Amigurumi

**I will now be steeling photos off other crocheters, follow the links and show them some love**

snowmen wmThis is my style, slightly shifty, quite basic, easy to modify, have a look in my Amigurumi pattern section.

KIMThis is Kim’s work, she is Kim’s sticks and strings, her work is more anatomical, darker, and not available as a pattern so don’t ask 😉


This is another Kim, Lapsley this time, she has a few styles, but this is my favourite because… well… NANNY OGGGGGGGG, Kim has patterns both paid and free, go and have a look.


And Mad, of The Mad Crochet Lab fame, Mad naturally has a cartoon style then couple this with an ongoing feud with Claudia “A Dog A Day” and you get some very funny work. Mad also has patterns for sale as well as free.

And that’s just three of MY favourites using ONE style of crochet never mind the blankets, hats, clothes, art, baby items, the list is endless, just look at this google image search. While I was browsing that image search I found this blog post about crochet Taxidermy eeek, so good.

And on that note a bit of a moral boos for you if you are comparing your work to the work of others, just don’t, it is not like comparing apples and pairs it’s like comparing apples and dogs, apples don’t fetch sticks very well  and dogs don’t work when juiced.



4 thoughts on “The best thing about crochet is…

  1. a grand blog and one that is needed. I fear I have been guilty of the “mine doesn’t look as good” factor. Thanks for pointing out that everyone has their own style, to be reminded of that helps. Have a great day. Queenly Creations


  2. Thank you so much for the shout here. You definitely nailed it. We aren’t competing with other crocheters. We can only compete with ourselves, challenging ourselves to be as unique and original as possible. And I love it when I see someone’s own artistic and signature flair emerge when working amigurumi!


  3. Cute. I’ve been crocheting for some 40 years, but only tried the Amigurumi style a few short years ago. When I first saw it, I thought it looked rather silly ~ until I made a bunny in that style … and fell in love! The cuteness factor alone makes it fun!


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