New bat time, same bat place

You may have noticed that it is Tuesday, I have had a small life shuffle as I found that what with crochet classes at Dolly’s  CE testing, patterns, and orders I was feeling a little rushed so am keeping the weekend obligation free (apart from the first Saturday of the month, that’s for Drop in at Dolly’s), Tuesday is the new Monday.

On with the post.

On Sunday Geek Girl went to a “princesses and superheroes” birthday party, as usual I sat in a corner and got some crocheting done (The Hellions have never really wanted me, independent little creatures). While I was sat there I noticed something that doesn’t usually hit my radar, GENDER, you may be aware that I have strong feelings regarding gender stereotypes and that kids are, quite frankly, kids and their genitals don’t even get a look in. As I was watching the small army of Annas and Elsas careening around the room on wiggle bikes

2015-03-01 14.31.32 I noticed that there were no princess boys, there was a batman girl and a girl superhero of some description, some of the superheroes DID have very shiny costumes but not princess outfits, I have blogged before about how it is OK for girls to be spiderman and the hulk but boys in dresses “gasp”

With a sigh I got on with the Baby Bunny I was making, then I noticed the proof of my opinion, once you get past the clothes all of the children were playing the same (apart from the most violent re-enactment of Frozen I have ever seen staring Geek Girl as Anna) they were all running, riding, and bouncing about like… KIDS.. Gasp. There were “delicate princesses” slamming each other on the bouncy castle, “big strong superheroes” crying to their parents with bumped noses, and the Spiderman arrived and all bets were off

2015-03-01 15.28.19

Every child mobbed the poor man and then ended up on the bouncy castle while spiderman threw inflatable spidermen at them and the threw them back, screaming, and shouting all the time. No one said ” girls don’t jump, no one said “boys don’t cry”, every one acted the same, so what changes? what makes “girls the best”? or “boys the best”? where do they get the idea that colours have gender? that toys, with no connection to genitals can, some how, not be operated by girls/boys? At Geek Girls age The Clone started with “pink is for girls” and she did not get it off me, yes The Clone is a pretty dress, hair, and make up kind of kid but that is just who she is, no one (in her family) pushed that on her, she played with cars (she prefers ponies now), she trashes all of her pretty dresses playing with mud or riding her bike, and is generally free to be herself. Geek Girl is a superhero, she would rather watch spiderman than barbie, she also wares pretty dresses then trashes them by being a child, so you see, KIDS ARE KIDS, and if we stopped trying to force square pegs in to round stereotypes there would be less bullying and less confusion in the world.

2015-03-01 15.56.53

And with that thrilled to bits geek



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