Well THAT took long enough

Just before Christmas I decided to embark on an adventure, to CE test some crochet toys so I can sell them ready made, at about the same time The Sister (now known as Dolly) took a massive leap from hairstylist to haberdasher and sewing tutor with grand plans for crochet lessons with Warrington’s best crocheter, YES ME, who else did you think I meant???? This cross over lead to a bit of a flap to say the least AND during all this I needed to get photographs for my latest pattern.

Well, the CE testing was slow going as the yarn I wanted to use for the bears did not readily available certificates to prove it’s chemical safety so I spent a lot of time sending E-mails asking for certificates and not getting much in return. Well my “second” CE project turned in to my first and I just need to make the options up and then I am ready to list on Etsy.

2015-01-28 21.25.20

Meanwhile Dolly was hard at work, making a cosy, friendly workplace and organizing tutors from all over Warrington ( did help a bit). The shop/school has now been open a week and already there are new classes being introduced.


I even managed to wrangle Billy The BIL, Crochet Widower and T.H.Photography in to the same place at the same time, I did this by setting up the shoot in the pub, so the Billy Cardigan is all done and published, and looking rather good if I do say so myself.


I am still holding out hope for one yarn for bears but have three back up yarns that I will start working with soon, I have a few patterns in mind but Haven’t started any so no rush, the crochet classes are filling up fast and the next step classes start in March. For now, it is half term and The Hellions need me around so they can ignore me and leave the doors open so I freeze.



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