The Case Of The Jade Dragon

I knew they would be trouble as soon as the sisters arrived at my door, they said they had a case for me, that some one had stolen a family heirloom, the Jade Dragon. Though they looked rough around the edges I was in no position to turn away paying work, the life of a PI is not an easy one, nor is it cheep.DSCN1901

After weeks of phone calls and E-mails, getting nowhere I finally had a suspect, one Rico Essentials, who, as luck would have it was to be located in my neighbourhood.

2015-01-28 21.25.20

Tough looking fella but I would break him for sure. After the initial round of questioning I was begging to re-evaluate my opinion. Even when I twisted his arm he did not surrender the location of the Jade Dragon.

2 Paw 2 u

Bending his ear did no good either, he was turning out to be one tough bunny.

2 Ear 1 u

Even making him look behind himself to see the wrongs in his past did nothing.

2 Head 1 u

I even tried to impress upon him the weight of his actions

3 weights u

but all he would say is “you are that blind you’ll never find the Jade Dragon” but I have no ides what that meant.

After applying some pressure4 test

and still not breaking him

4 head u

I called the sisters and told them of my failure. They were not impressed to say the least and feared for Rico’s safty, I have no proof of this, but, when I went to warn him about the sisters I found Rico all hot and bothered


With the sad demise of Rico I fear I will never get to the bottom of this case.

poor bunny

Is the Jade Dragon truly the property of the sisters? Did the sisters do for Rico? Will the Jade Dragon ever be found?

I do not know and for now I am out of leads


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