The Thing

Last week was once again spent chasing certificates for the yarns I want to use for bears and such so I can comply with CE EN71-3 (if a baby sucks on it will it poison them) and this was making me rather restless. I was supposed to be making cupcakes for Dolly’s Haberdashery, hay I have two weeks ’till opening, and working on some thread granny squares but simply could not keep my mind straight, so ended up starting a diagonal shawl with chunky yarn, I made it to wide but didn’t want to frog, so it was know as The Thing all week as I was just mindlessly crocheting until the yarn ran out.

Turns out it was a floor cushion all along, I will be publishing the pattern one way or another eventually.

I now have certificates for the backup bear yarn and the unhappy/baby bunnies so I should have something to post about next week.

That is really all I have today, I am going to try to take photos for a post stitch tutorial in the week but for now have a look at the beautiful Dogta Donna




2 thoughts on “The Thing

    • Mostly it’s regulations being strict, while I have been researching most yarns are compliant (just some company’s are better at providing certificates than others), I wouldn’t worry.


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