Itchy’s CE testing adventure

Last week I bought a CE testing self certificate pack from Compliance  in order to help me test some items I am thinking of making to sell

this pack is not a legal requirement BUT as the law is quite convoluted and complicated it is nice to have things spelled out for you. After a quick look through the pack I saw only one problem

Chemical Migration


also known as “will it poison the child should they suck on it?” this is the only part of the compliance that I can not do on my own, I will need a lad to test the yarn for this. I set about asking King Cole if the certificates were available, I must say the reply was rather speedy but not at all helpful, yes for £150 PER SHADE and £50 admin. Now, I can not fathom why it would cost so much as further investigation lead me to discover that the cost of commissioning these tests my self would be £60 ish per shade.

As I do not have a great many liquidised assets this soon after Christmas I set about E-mailing yarn companies with yarns that might work, Stylcraft are by far the most helpful with their certificates being freely available at no charge, but of the replies I got back, although nice, non were much help as they used Oeko-TEX certificates and they do not quite meet the CE EN71-3 standards I need.

This is when I turned to a FaceBook page (CE Marked Soft Toy Support Network) and this lead to a group that have a Kitty and test yarns, fabric, ribbon and such (by vote), I have requested a copy of the yarn certificates from them as there are some nice yarns I would like to look at for the bears (I’d have to change their name) and, oh joy of joys, they have had the yarn I wanted to use for the bunnies tested already.

So wile I await my brain making a decision on yarn for bears I will be able to get on with making and testing a bunny with a view to making baby bunnies (with heart, flowers, cars, and the like on them) and maybe cats and bears as well. For now I am waiting for the very busy, non paid admin to send me the certificates I will get on with lesson organisation and cupcake hooking for Dolly’s sewing school



3 thoughts on “Itchy’s CE testing adventure

  1. Hi, I found your blog while searching about chemical test for yarn. Did you go further eventually? I just can’t find answers on Internet for questions like: does yarn, carded wool and undyed lambswool yarn needs testing for chemical migration? Many thanks for any information.


    • Hello, yes it does need testing if it is to be used in soft toys, now now, don’t bang your head against the desk just yet.

      I contacted a few yarn manufacturers at the beginning of my adventures and of the companies that replied a couple came back to me with certificates of conformance (I was being fussy so missed a lot out) Stylecraft were by far the most helpful.

      When it comes to unprocessed wool I would assume they have not been tested but there are testing houses dotted about the country, it does cost a fair bit ( think I was quoted £40 per sample plus admin fees) so it wasn’t worth it for my small output, but you might be in a different situation.

      There are some Facebook groups that offer help and advice regarding CE testing, I like CE Marked Soft Toy Support Network , though you need to be aproved first.

      Hope that helps.


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