Genes are a funny thing

We (and by “we I mean The Clone) have been having some temper control issues lately and it has been making me feel all wistful for the baby days, not enough to HAVE another baby mind, just enough to go looking through old photos of The Hellions. This reminiscing has lead to a surprising discovery, The Clone looks older than Geek Girl in photos where they are the same age.


Brand Shiny New



First Birthday




Two years already


Three and in a rush to grow up




But it’s these photos that show it the most

The Clone is four years and two months, Geek Girl is four years and seven months. When I saw the photo of The Clone and told Crochet Widower how old she was he did not believe me until I showed him the date the photo was taken.

It is so mental that they are both so much like me but nothing alike, have aged in brains as well as looks so differently, 1 + 3 + 4 and so does 2 + 2 we all know that but how odd that 1 + 1 = 2 but 1 + 1 can also = 11.







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