Happy Gingemas

OK, as I write this (Sunday) it is my thirty-eighth birthday, I am actually looking forward to being able to say “I am forty next year” come January. I like my birthday, I make a fuss about my birthday, but, I don’t care about presents. This shocks people who have had the “sleeps” countdown for a month, what I do like is people saying “happy birthday” without being reminded, to me this means they are happy I am in the world.

On my birthday I get a lie in, I don’t wash the dishes, I have a new outfit, and we have “party food”. I like the little things in life that I like, A silly joke, a funny photo, a smile across the street, a funny song. I feel guilty when people spend money on me, don’t get me wrong, I have appreciated EVERY gift I have ever received but some of the best ones were inexpensive but heart felt, I will not go into detail I don’t need to.

My sister who’s birthday was on Tuesday hates having a birthday so close to Christmas. I, however, love it, everyone is in the party mood and is willing go out and be giddy. Saying that there are two downsides

1; You can not get a table for a meal, one year I asked my then boyfriend to book a table for my birthday at a new restaurant I really wanted to go to IN JUNE, he told me “it’ll be fine” needless to say the place was booked up with Christmas parties on my birthday. But it’s OK as it turned out not to be that good a restaurant any way.


2; “can I have (expensive gift) for my birthday and Christmas?” this was never going to happen, my mum made a point of never mixing the two, this is only fair, and not really a problem as usually the big gift was given to all five of us kids for Christmas, things like a computer (spectrum ZX) or a second TV (black and white, smaller than my computer monitor), having a big family has it’s advantages.

I am really looking forward to 2016 when I turn forty as my last BIG number I was three months pregnant so not drinking and quite frankly rather tired, so I will be making up for it.

Last year was a double yey as my thirty-seventh birthday prevented the prophesied end of the world, so you know, you can thank me for that one.

That’s all really, I am now going to sit on my bottom and watch TV for a few hours before going out for a few drinks with Crochet Widower, the real madness will happen tomorrow (Monday) night when The Witches come around for booze and cards against humanity.








P.S New outfit

2014-12-21 23.17.20


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